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Luxurious, Rustic & Approachable. A ready-to-eat meal for every moment...

Designed with your health & hunger in mind these Heat and eat meals are a perfect addition to your busy week.

Choose any 3 choices for $50.00 (1 day supply)


Choose any 6 choices for $90.00 (2 day supply


Choose any option with (Heat & Eat) in the name for  $30.00 (1 serving/portion) which includes bistro salad & a dessert

Morning health & fitness meals were designed to be especially great for pre-workouts & post-workouts. Customize your meals by choosing from the menu below. Your order must be pre-ordered every Sunday & Wednesday by 6 PM. Delivery is every Tuesday & Thursday from 5 pm-8 pm

Morning Health & Fitness Meals

Buddhafull Smoothie

1/2 fat Greek yogurt chia seed pudding, wild berry & coconut milk smoothie, organic gluten-free rolled oat granola, fresh seasonal berries and preserved fruits (VG, contains nuts, and coconut.)

Morning Glory Muffins

Freshly baked, over-sized whole wheat, ancient grains, spiced carrot, sultana raisins, coconut milk & pumpkin seeds (V, DF, contains nuts)

While you Were Sleeping Oats

Organic rolled oats, roasted banana, Greek yogurt, spiced apple compote, bloomed chia seeds, fresh berries & roasted pecans (V), gluten free, contains nuts)

High on Protein

2 bite, free-range triple cheese & rosemary ham baked egg cups with, smoked sun-dried tomatoes, citrus & fresh herb steamed quinoa & sautéed dinosaur kale (gluten free)

High on Protein

2 bite, free-range triple cheese & smoked eggplant bacon baked egg cups with, smoked sun-dried tomatoes, citrus & fresh herb steamed quinoa & sautéed dinosaur kale (VG, gluten free)

Snacks & Afternoon Meals

Hearty and outrageously delicious these meals are packed in microwave safe OR oven safe containers being practical & convenient  for either a workplace or home setting. All you have to do is heat it and eat it. How easy is that?!

Chickpea & Citrus pate 

Chickpea & citrus paté, marinated spicy olives, & seasonal crudités (V, gluten free, DF)

Charcuterie & Formaggio

House-made pork & chicken terrine, Two Rivers sourced variety of meats, artisanal rotating cheeses with season berries, preserved fruits & chutneys

Chicken & Spanish Rice
Heat & Eat

Sous vide, free-range 6-7 oz. chicken breast, saffron-infused Spanish rice with roasted peppers and & tomatoes, braised black beans, queso fresco, avocado & jalapeño créma (GF)

Beef Bourguignon

Heat & Eat

Slow-braised Angus chuck, variety of root vegetables, wild mushrooms, herbaceous Bordelaise sauce & smooth truffled mash

Cannelonni  (Meat)
Heat & Eat

Stewed organic beef, pancetta, basil ricotta, rich Pomodoro topped with Monterey jack & mozzarella cheese

Heat & Eat

Roasted cauliflower & walnuts, ricotta, portobello mushrooms, baby kale, white truffle Mornay sauce & Parmigiana-Reggiano (VG)

Seared are Ahi Tuna & Caponata
Heat & Eat

Ocean wise, seared rare tuna, Sicilian-Inspired caponata, confit potato and fennel seed gremolata

Confit Albacore Nicoise Salad
Heat & Eat

Ocean wise, olive oil confit albacore tuna loin, soft-boiled farm egg, steamed green beans, roasted  potatoes, cherry tomato, Winter greens & Dijon vinaigrette 

Something Sweet...

Designed to be utterly Delicious & Irresistible

Not so Classic Tiramisu

Kalua and Nespresso-soaked ladyfingers, mascarpone, Chantilly cream, caramelized bananas & bittersweet cocoa powder

Chocolate Fudge Cake A.K.A Guilty ASF

House-made double chocolate double-decker cake riddled with Oreo cookies & topped with Nutella buttercream icing

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