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Private Chef & Small Gathering Catering

Nothing brings people together like good food.

Thoughtfully curated and personalized menus that will impress your guests and awaken the palate.

Menus are developed complimenting the seasons, and are locally sourced as well as globally inspired

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Mandy Finley-Chiarenza Owner & Executive Chef

Being classically trained in Modern French & Italian cuisine Mandy is also known for her creative and globally inspired dishes. Mandy was a 2011 culinary graduate from the Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver where she engulfed herself into her studies and learned the fundamentals of cooking before ultimately starting her now flourishing career. With her latest 2 years stint being the Executive & opening chef at The Red Accordion in Coal Harbor, Mandy has spent an additional 12 years cooking in some of Vancouver's most notable and favorable restaurants (The Portly Chef, The Sardine Can, The Flying Pig Group, Campagnolo, La Mezcalaria & La Taqueria) building her career and honing her craft resulting in a  well developed, culture-enriched background.

Mandy has had honorable mentions by some of Vancouver's top foodie bloggers and avid foodies throughout Vancouver as well as recognition for multiple beer, wine & food pairings which can view by simply putting your cursor on each star and clicking  which will direct you to the page.

Nosh and Nibbles- Best burger Guide, Mandy's burger (TRA burger) was ranked #1 out of

#13 other Vancouver restaurants. read full article by clicking the star below.

f you have experienced her culinary creations before, you are aware that she doesn't prepare anything that doesn't tantalize the taste buds and leave every one of her customers completely and utterly satisfied.  

On the odd day that Mandy isn't focusing on her new business Peacock, you'll most likely find her in the garden, training, or on a hot day by the beach.


Deeply rooted

People sometimes assume that our chef grew up, surrounded by rich traditions, deeply rooted in family dinners and amazing household cooks. Those joyous dinners that billowed with laughter, tantalizing aromas, and rhythmic white noise that could only be the sounds of utensils scraping the face of porcelain plates and CorningWare casserole dishes clean. But her reality was quite the opposite. Being raised mostly in group-home settings, mealtime felt more like a fight to survive, and in her words, "it was usually a meal that was just put together just to make sure we were all fed." Its memories such as these that truly fed her desire and passion to cook from the heart, so you can build beautiful, nostalgic memories around something we all love, food.

 This Google review is from Chef Mandy's restaurant in 2019:

"Chef Mandy's dishes are tasty, inviting and on point. She is amazing, true flavours and a commitment to excellence." 

Our team at Peacock Brunch & Dinner will focus on what really matters, wholesome delicious food that aligns with a harvest direct approach. Our offerings will be centered around an innovative and carefully curated menu, that showcases our hard working local purveyors as often as we are able. We know that having close and strong relationships with our suppliers will initiate strong relationships and trust with our customers which will inevitably lead to success. 

"Locally sourced ingredients crafted by a talented Chef Mandy had me coming back for more." -2019 Google Review


 CHEF MANDY, your food is delicious!!!! 


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Chef Mandy's food is to die for!

Shea Riley

The food is outstanding, very well-thought-out, and has unique offerings that appeal to anyone.

P fog


The Story of Peacock

Restaurant Chef to Private Functions and Catering? Why the change?

It's simple- After 2 attempts to open our own restaurant, during the pandemic, we realized that it just wasn't in the cards for us just yet. Without losing focus and giving up on our dream, we decided to go a more intimate and innovative route instead-catering specifically designed for you and your closest pals.

We all know that hosting an event can be stressful and time consuming. A task  that takes time and attention to detail.

Our team at Peacock will focus on alleviating those stresses, so that you can enjoy your event and your company.

Our creative menus are designed to focus on what YOUR needs are while being thoughtfully curated to match the seasons as well as market  availability.

We are always happy to collaborate with you but also encourage a "trust your chef" route.

Ultimately, whatever your choice may be, the one thing you can know for sure is our service will be attentive and professional and your event will be fabulous!


What matters to you, matters to us.

We take our craft seriously and believe you never have to sacrifice quality for convenience.

Let us know how we can help make your event special, because it is.

From designing a perfect menu, to pairing a drink list, heck, well even bring the flowers- We'll be there with you every step of the way.

Whatever occasion your event is for, whether its a first date, girls night or boys night in, birthday party, baby shower, the list goes on we are happy to be a part of it and will work closely with you to ensure that you and your guests have an amazing time together.

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