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The best memories usually involve great food

Choose the Trust your Chef route by choosing from the menu below or tell us what your vision for food is, and we'd be happy to collaborate with you

We respectfully decline any heavy modifications or substitutes to the menu options below

"Just Us" $95/person (2 people) Select 3 options per


"Best Buds" $110/person- (3-6 people) Select 4 options per person

"The Crew" $135/person (6-10 people) select 5 options per person

First Impressions-Appetizers

We play well together

Pan-seared scallops, confit pork belly, quick-pickled apple, lemon & horseradish aioli, jus de pomme caviar 

Refined Simplicities 

Ahi tuna tartare, togarashi & yuzu juice aioli, cucumber juice caviar, toasted sesame seeds & puffed nori cracker


Japanese potato croquette & grilled maitake mushrooms, quick-pickled daikon & miso sake glaze

Snack by the Campfire

Quick smoked, olive oil poached steelhead trout, dill rémoulade, pickled blueberries & vegetables with crispy potato & fish skin

"Scallop"ed Potatoes & Vegan Dashi "Ice" (V)

Sous vide potato, tomato & beet consommé caviar, ocean "water", fresh serrano & cucumber

Making Friends with...Salads

Above & Below Ground Salad

Multiple selection of various seasonally selected vegetables, bagna cauda, brown butter gremolata & Spring greens 

Trio Tomato & Sourdough Panzanella

Confit, fresh cherry & sun-dried tomatoes, classic romesco, fresh herbs & 6 months aged Manchego 

A beautiful Salad with Crispy Prawns

Green papaya, fresh mango, birds-eye chilies, fresh mint& basil, roasted peanuts, ponzu vinaigrette & black garlic puree 

Hail Cruciferous 

Roasted cauliflower, Brussel sprouts & broccolini with fried chilies, charred  lemon & caramelized Parmigiano-Reggiano milk 

Comforting Carbs
Grains & Pastas

Trip'n on Shrooms

Roasted mushroom & braised eggplant stuffed agnolotti, mushroom brodo,  pickled mushrooms, black truffle gremolata parmesan frico  

Rice two Ways 

Citrus & mascarpone risotto, soft poached farm egg, crispy kale & puffed rice

Carbonara & Cacio e Pepe

Fresh spaghetti, guanciale, farm egg, thyme oil & grated Cacio e Pepe

Lobster Gnocchi

Handmade potato gnocchi, lobster claw meat, lobster bisque, brandy fresh fennel, tomato & aromatics.

French Kiss-Beef Tongue Rigatoni

Slow-braised beef tongue, rich Pomodoro  sauce, butter-basted cremini mushrooms & arugula pistou

Land & Sea- Proteins &
Plan Based Proteins

Served with "Comforting Carb" of choice  (Family-Style)

Badner Farms Beef Striploin

Pan-seared AAA locally raised striploin, blistered tomatoes & Argentinian- inspired chimichurri 

Beef Wellington & Green peppercorn sauce

Only available for "The Crew"

AAA Badner farms beef tenderloin, mushroom duxelle, 24 months aged Parma prosciutto & puffed pastry 

Jonston's Farms Roasted Pork Rack

Pear & Granny Smith apple Mostarda, beer braised green cabbage, caraway seed Dijon emulsion & pickled pomegranate seeds

 Rockfish & Prawn Sauce Vierge

Pan-seared, B.C sourced rockfish, tiger prawn sauce Vierge, herbs de Provence 

Buckwheat & Roasted Eggplant Terrine

Classic soubise, mushroom & miso demi glace, Australian-Inspired dukkha


Something Sweet-Desserts

Childhood Memories- S'mores

Bittersweet chocolate budino, brulééd marshmallow fluff, house-made graham cracker cookie

Curds & Whey

Lemon & lime curd, whey shortbread cookie, fresh berries

Guilty ASF Chocolate Cake

Triple chocolate cake, Nutella buttercream icing, espresso caramel, smoked salt & chocolate coconut crisps

Menu been designed by:

Executive chef & Co-owner Mandy Finley-Chiarenza

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